On Monday we will…

Our theme for the week is Bugs! I am excited for my students to explore the world around them through observation, as we pretend to be Entomologists (bug doctors). Today, we will introduce our theme and get the students ready to use their 5 senses to make accurate observations about the bugs they observe.


Please print out 7 copies of each of the following coloring pages and have them available for the students when they arrive in the morning. They may choose whichever bug they want to color, as long as there are enough. We have been working on remembering “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

After they have chosen their bug, they will go to their desks and begin coloring. I have placed QR codes around the classroom with a picture of the bugs on them. The students will take turns (since we only have 3 iPads) walking around the room, finding the bug they have chosen, scanning the QR code, and listening to facts about their chosen bug I have recorded (they will need their headphones for this activity). The students need to bring a pencil and paper with them as they journey around the room so they can write down these facts about their chosen bug.

Also, we have been working on narration through observation (listening). After they have completed coloring their bug, please instruct the students to get out their journals and write a short summary of facts about the bug they have chosen to color and to paste their colored picture in their journal as well. They may answer questions like: what kind of environment does my bug live in? Is it warm or cold there? What does it eat? How long is its lifespan? How old would you predict your bug to be? What does the bug look like (wings, legs, pinchers, etc)? How does its physical characteristics help it to survive (does it fly around to catch its food? build a web?)?

Here is a helpful website for you on using QR codes:

Using QR Codes in the Classroom to Enhance Learning

animals-insect-beautiful-lady-bug-in-garden-coloring-pages-for-children atbbnprrc






Also, this is a great educational interactive game about bugs they can work on during centers time.


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