On Tuesday we will…

Now that the students have been introduced to the theme of bugs, it is time to introduce their big homework project for the week (due on Friday). I feel there is no point for kids to learn about bugs if they can’t actually see them in person!

For the lesson today, please use these websites as reference to talk to the students about the difference between good and bad (poisonous and non-poisonous) bugs.

Will That Bug Hurt Me?

Teaching the Difference Between Good Bugs and Bad Bugs

For their bug homework project, the students will go home and go on a “bug hunt” to find one bug in nature that they have learned about (yesterday) in class. You can even list other examples like ladybugs, worms, pill bugs, grasshoppers, crickets, etc to give them more ideas. With the help of an adult, they will video record themselves going on their “bug hunt” with either a cell phone or video camera. The student will say at least 3 facts about their bug, where they found it, and what tools (if any) they brought with them on their hunt. Please use the following website to encourage the students:

Go Bug Hunting With Kids




I will be sending out a letter to the parents so they are aware of the project and ask them if they will email me the video of their child so we can all watch them in class on Friday!

Below are more interactive games the students can play during centers:



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